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Waterproofers for clothing and breathable equipment and waterproof bags. Suitable for campers and outdoor enthusiasts of all descriptions.
Waterproofing productsMilitary / Surplus see also: Camping / Outdoor  Shooting 
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Nikwax Tech Wash 300ml
code: NIK181
Nikwax Tech Wash 300ml

Cleans all waterproof clothing and equipment. Recommended for use with Gore-Tex and breathable liners (300ml).

TX Direct Wash-In 300ml
code: NIK251
TX Direct Wash-In 300ml

Wash in TX-Direct. Wash in waterproof for all breathable equipment (300ml).

TX-Direct Proof Spray 500ml
code: NIK571
TX-Direct Proof Spray 500ml

Re-proofing for laminated and coated breathable fabrics. (500ml)

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