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Hardware and Kit - Outdoor Catering / Camping Equipment (7 items)
A selection of new and army surplus catering equipment. Great for camping and outdoor pursuits. All items are new unless otherwise stated.
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25 Litre Black Plastic Water Container
code: WATER-25LTR
25 Litre Black Plastic Water Container
CONDITION Surplus Grade 1 help
DESCRIPTION & FEATURES Very strong, durable heavy duty water container.
Dutch Oven
Dutch Oven
8 qrt capacity£45.00
4.5 qrt capacity£38.00

Cast iron dutch oven.  Can be used on any heat source including gas ring, altar fire and pit burning. Ideal for all types of cooking - boiling, broiling, roasting, baking, stewing and frying. One of the most versatile pieces of camp cooking equipment. 


Mess Set
code: MESET
Mess Set
Two piece aluminium mess set.
58 Pattern Water Bottle and Cup
code: WBT58
58 Pattern Water Bottle and Cup
Water bottle and cup.
Water Bottle
code: WBTST
Water Bottle

Water bottle with nylon cover and water purification tablet pocket.  Camo only.

Portable Cooker
Portable Cooker
Portable Cooker£4.50
Refill Fuel Blocks£2.25

Portable camping cooker.  Comes with fuel blocks which are also available to purchase separately. 

Mini Cookset - Phoenix
code: GEL-CUT162
Mini Cookset - Phoenix

A compact five piece cookset perfect for camping.

  • Durable hard anodised finish
  • Even heat distribution
  • Easy to clean
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Compact pack size for ease of transportation
  • Mesh carry bag with drawstring

0.7 Litre pot
6" Fry pan / lid
Alcohol burner with swivel flame control
Pot support
Mini pot grip

Weight:   300g
Material:  Hard Anodised Aluminium

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