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A range of top quality plain and camo pattern T Shirts. Ideal for paintballing, fishing, walking, camping etc.
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British Army High Wicking T-Shirt
British Army High Wicking T-Shirt
Small Brown T-shirt - Surplus£4.00
Medium Brown T-shirt -Surplus£4.00
Large Brown T-shirt -Surplus£4.00
Small Olive Green T-shirt -Surplus£4.00
Medium Olive Green T-shirt -Surplus£4.00
Large Olive Green T-shirt -Surplus£4.00
CONDITION Surplus Grade 1 help
DESCRIPTION & FEATURES British Army high wicking T-shirt. Available in olive green or brown.
British DPM T-Shirt
British DPM T-Shirt
Small T-shirt£7.00
Medium T-shirt£7.00
Large T-shirt£7.00
XL T-shirt£7.00
British DPM design t-shirt 170 gram 100% cotton.
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