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Shooting Bags. A selection of shooting bags and carry cases useful for those who enjoy shooting in the great British outdoors.
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Trigger Game Bag
Trigger Game Bag
Small 18" x 12" x 3"£35.00
Large 22" x 15" x 3"£45.00

PVC sports, field bag made by Sherwood in Olive Green. Excellent game carrier / fishing bag.

• Water resistant PVC fabric
• Easily wiped clean
• Durable construction
• Waxed cotton seams
• Thick body/shoulder straps 3" wide
• Outer netted pocket

Wellie Boot Bag
Wellie Boot Bag

Boot bag in Olive Green.

  • Zip fastening system
  • Approx size Height 48 x Width 35 x Depth 25cm
Cartridge Bag - Jack Pyke
Cartridge Bag - Jack Pyke
Brown Bag£24.00
Green Bag£24.00

Cartridge bag with leather fastenings in a choice of Green Duotex or Brown Duotex.

  • Height 17cm
  • Width 25cm
  • Depth 10cm
Dog Bag - Jack Pyke
Dog Bag - Jack Pyke
Brown Bag£24.00
Green Bag£24.00
English Oak Camo Bag£24.00

Dog bag with leather fastenings in a choice of Green Duotex, Brown Duotex or English Oak Camo.

  • Height 20cm
  • Width 39cm
  • Depth 10cm
  • Strap 128cm long max
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