Sleeping Bags, Camp Beds & Bashas

Hardware and Kit - Sleeping Bags, Camp Beds & Bashas (5 items)
Army Surplus Camp Bed, Folding Camp Beds, Bashas and Bivi accessories from Action Station - the outdoor people.
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code: BASH
Extendible Bivi Pole

Basha in camo pattern.

  • Fully adjustable
  • Excludes poles
Extendible Bivi Pole
code: POLEX
Extendible Bivi Pole

Extendible bivi pole

  • Extending 2 section aluminium pole
  • Open: 92cm, Closed: 54cm
Folding Camp Bed - Super Light
code: GEL-FUT092
Folding Camp Bed - Super Light

A lightweight BLACK folding camp bed ideal for camping and guest beds.

Material: Polyester, Aluminium frame
Size: Size: 66 x 195 x 45 cm
Weight:  5.5kg

Folding Camp Bed - 4 Leg
code: GEL-FUT106
Folding Camp Bed - 4 Leg

A BLACK folding camp bed for camping and for use as an additional bed for guests.

Material: Cotton canvas, Steel frame
Size: Size: 60 x 180 x 18 cm
Weight:  3.6kg

Foam Mat
code: GEL-KMT003
Foam Mat

A foam mat ideal for camping.

Size:  1850 x 550 x 10 mm

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